Kate Wells has over 30 years in studio practice, exhibiting, teaching, making embroideries and drawings.

Across all materials Kate makes fine work, detailed with observations of the natural world, treasures found in museums and collections and inspired by poetry and the written word.
It's about balancing space and light, an engagement with nature through drawings and collages on paper and embroidery.

SKETCHBOOKS form the core of observation with notes made at exhibitions, drawings on journeys, concerts and on walks across fields and shorelines. In the studio, these are revisited and developed allowing the work to evolve and take on new dimensions. Through sampling themes come together to develop collections and groups of related works.

Kate uses hand and machine embroidery - in particular using the Singer 'Irish' Industrial machine for free machine embroidery.

GOLD - beautiful gold machine embroidered lace fabrics made on dissolvable fabric and also on silk crepeline                    initially inspired by the works of Medieval goldsmiths and jewellers. This took off and developed with 'Dip Your Mind in Gold' (Lincoln Labyrinth Festival in 2014) and 'Field of Gold' (private commission) in 2015.

In 2017- 2018, it's back to the land for two unique commissions based on moors and heathers in the Peak District and of remembered landscapes and places in the beautiful Isle of Purbeck, Dorset. After working in gold for a few years, the challenge of colour and texture is throwing up new ideas and ways of responding. It's easy to think that re-creating past methods would just slip into place but it's not like that at all and the evolution is proving to be interesting...as if it's happening from another place. Pictures to follow.

Availability of Work
By commission - please contact the artist directly. Studio visits may be arranged. 

Bespoke WORKSHOPS small groups of 4 maximum.

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